The Owner of this existing loft condominium was interested in adding a new living space on the roof of this turn of the century factory building.  The structure was rehabilitated into the existing loft in 1994.  By extending the stair vertically, a new room was made, capturing the southwest corner of the roof.  Images of roof gardens, studios and elevator enclosures were used as precedent for the new 'box'.  The point of departure for this project became the edge of the existing roof.  Mirroring the slight slope of the parapet wall, the new roof gently edges itself skyward, thus recreating a horizon line through elevation.  The building is further developed, accentuating the horizontals and the endless view of the western expansion (prairie), by low fenestration, parallel to the horizon, centered at eye height.  This recreates the horizon line through interior perspective.  Exposure and view are to the south and west, while indirect light penetrates through the north clerestory.  The exterior facade is constructed of 2" x 2'-0" horizontal slats of wood, further developing a long, horizontal facade, elegantly perched atop the old yet newly renovated warehouse building.
Chicago, IL
condominium unit addition
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